Our Quality Standards

Why Should I Consider Nutribyte For My Fur Friend?

Nutribyte has one goal and that is to supply the best formulated diets, based on science, a wealth of experience and what is best for all Pets, no matter the age, breed or environment.

Nutribyte invests a great amount of time, resources and passion to source only the best, sustainable ingredients when formulating a diet. Quality and trends on nutrition of Petfood is a very debatable subject, but at the end of the day it is important to know what is feasible, sustainable and safe for your Pets' overall health, from Puppy or Kitten to Adult to Senior.

So, when you wonder why you should consider Nutribyte, rest assured that our whole core is to supply the best, always! We will never settle for anything but the best, neither should you when it comes to your beloved pets well-being.

The Five Pillars of Pet Nutrition

Once all ingredients have been tested, they are milled individually and then mixed together to create the unique formula. All ingredients are milled at 0.8mm size, to optimize digestion and to ensure that the extrusion process runs smoothly. Nutribyte uses an independent quality controller to make ensure the correct procedures are followed at all times throughout the entire run. Should the batch not conform to any one of our high standards, the entire batch is rejected and the process starts over.

The five pillars of pet nutrition.

Pet Nutrition typically consists of the 5-main components or pillars as stated here. Nutribyte invests a great amount of time and research to source and formulate using the best available raw materials and to carefully combine these pillars into a balanced, healthy and tasty meal. Truly balanced Nutrition in every Byte.

High Quality
Fibre Sources

Insoluble & soluble fibre sources like wheat bran, inulin, vital wheat gluten & beat pulp are used to privide valuble fibre for easy digestion & stool formation.

High Quality
Carbohydrate Sources

Energy enables the body to function. Essential for growth, reproduction, lactation & other functions.

High Quality

Proteins & amino acids are the building blocks for a healthy body. Proteins build & repair muscle tissue & hair.

High Quality
Fats & Oils

Source of energy including Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat.

High Quality Vitamins
& Minerals

Essential for key metabolic functions, enzymes, optimal nerve function & electrolytic balance.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Production Facility & Procurement Procedure

Nutribyte makes use of a world-renowned factory, fully registered and certified as:

  • HACCP approved facility.

  • ISO 9000 standards.

  • FSSC 22000 facility.

  • ZA Certificate facility to be able to do Exports.

  • Petfood Industry Association of South Africa (PFI) approved facility.

  • A veterinary-approved facility by the Department of Forestry & Fisheries according to Act 36 of 1947 legislation.

All raw materials used undergo various steps of quality conformance to ensure only the best available raw materials are used to produce the best diets possible. The selection of raw materials is strictly followed on a
"best-available" way, meaning we will always look for the best available raw material available in the market for the specific diet we formulate.

We are proud to say that we use a fixed formula on all diets, meaning that every batch of Nutribyte made is exactly the same as the last to conform to what is listed on the bag. From ingredients list to guaranteed analysis. This allows for a healthier lifestyle and avoids nutritional imbalances. All ingredients are tested pre-production to ensure that they conform to the necessary specifications. Ingredients are also tested for mycotoxins and other contaminants or impurities.

During production there are over 36 quality checks throughout the process performed to ensure best cooking, drying, coating and cooling processes before your favourite diet is packed in superior packaging, ensuring freshness, protection and peace of mind.

Our Production Standards

Kibble Sizing

Moisture & Water Activity

Universal Coating

Sufficient Drying

NIR Lab Testing

Final Inspection

Transitioning to Nutribyte

Making the switch to Nutribyte is easy. We have developed a method to help your pet make the transition to Nutribyte. Always ensure that your pet has enough water available to drink.

Day 1 & 2

70% Current Food
30% Nutribyte

Day 3 & 4

50% Current Food
50% Nutribyte

Day 5 & 6

30% Current Food
70% Nutribyte

Day 7

100% Nutribyte
Fully Transitioned