Our Company.

Nutribyte launched in 2014 as a small family business with the sole purpose of manufacturing premium grade diets at a very affordable price.


To formulate, manufacture and supply the best pet nutrition and health products for every pet in both the South African and International market.


At Nutribyte our main focus is to provide consistent, quality and trustworthy products to all market segments. We strive to develop and innovate new products and to continually add to our product range so we can offer more every day. Teamwork, truth, respect and integrity forms the 4 pillars of the Nutribyte foundation.


We consulted with a respected animal nutritionist and a leading Veterinarian, where after the first diet was formulated as a standard maintenance diet for adult dogs. In 2015 we realized that we needed to improve on the already successful Adult Maintenance diet, by fortifying it with specialized additives like Glucosamine, MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide) and Beta Glucan. Ultimately the addition of these additives would separate Nutribyte from most retail brands that do not contain additional additives.

New research showed that some South African dogs were prone to allergic skin reactions associated with bovine/beef proteins and fat. For this reason, we decided to formulate the Nutribyte range on a bovine-free basis. It was ultimately decided to use exclusively imported, low-ash, poultry and pork proteins, along with a more refined and higher quality fat and oil coating, consisting only of Poultry and Ostrich fat and some essential vegetable oils.

Brief History

In 2016 we started formulating the 2 puppy diets, along with the senior diet to once again offer clients and their beloved friends the best possible nutrition at the most affordable price! In 2017 we optimized these formulas which led us to finally introduce a premium, fortified dog food range, suitable for dogs of all breeds, age and sizes! Nutribyte will soon expand to the rest of the pet food market and plans to include products like cat food, fish food, etc.

We trust that you will find the Nutribyte range extremely beneficial to the health of your dogs, no matter what their age, size or breed and will exceed all expectations. Saving money is simply a bonus, as quality pet food does not have to cost you a fortune!

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