About Nutribyte.

Nutribyte launched in 2014 as a small family business with the sole purpose of manufacturing premium-grade diets at a very affordable price.

Letter from the director

In 2022 Nutribyte plans to release even more great products and this year we will focus on more Specific needs our furry friends need. Keep an eye out for unique diets and treats, formulated to help with very common and irritating health issues. Soon your head scratching will be over and a great solution will arise. As with all good things, they take a lot of time, passion and resources to be offered in the only way we know: Perfection.

Nutribyte's sister company, Nutrimed Animal Health, will also take the country by storm in the Healthcare division. The best nutrition can help with numerous ailments and keep your furry friends healthy and fit, but sometimes a little extra just makes things perfect! Keep aneye out for this exciting range launching soon! More products will be added as registrations come through. Feel free to let them know if you need or want something unique. Most importantly, I would like to thank each and every person that has made this brand and exceptional dream of mine come true. I will never be able to express the gratitude in yourtrust and support to bring Nutribyte to where it is today. I am forever grateful.

Most importantly, I would like to once again thank each and every person that has madethis brand and exceptional dream of mine come true. I will never be able to express the gratitude in your trust and support to bring Nutribyte to where it is today. I am forever grateful.
We are in a New Year, with new possibilities, new challenges and most importantly new opportunities to grow our businesses and to spend more time with our beloved pets and families. Lets make it a great year and always focus on the bright side each day brings us.

Best regards,

Marko Botha
083 463 0873


Nutribyte is a proudly-South-Africa pet food manufacturer and works with an expert Vet with over 35 years in veterinary product development, along with a team of Animal Nutritionists with a wealth experience and knowledge in pet food formulations. We manufacture Pet Nutrition diets with the highest standard and care, to ensure only the best nutrition in every bag! Nutribyte fortifies all its diets with essential nutraceuticals like MOS & FOS, L-Carnitine, Beta-Glucan, Glucosamine along with essential amino-acids to ensure your beloved pet an even healthier lifestyle.

Animal proteins used are of the highest quality in the world to provide ultimate digestibility and
constant quality assurance. Each diet uses different human grade meat meals of chicken, porcine and turkey species. Only a balanced blend of poultry fat and oils are used to supply fat as a critical energy source in all Nutribyte diets. Nutribyte truly offers "Balanced Nutrition in every Byte."

We are passionate about using science, nature and experience to develop, formulate and manufacture the best Pet Nutrition diets and treats we can offer with sustainable resources available. All diets are made in FSSC, ISO and HACCP certified factories with state-of-the-art machinery and processes for the best quality products.

Our range is available in all sizes from 1.5kg to 40kg bags to accommodate all household sizes.

Feel free to contact us for more scientific references or if you have any questions regarding your beloved pet’s veterinary recommended dietary requirements. At Nutribyte our main focus is to provide consistent, quality, and trustworthy Pet Nutrition products to all market segments within South Africa and also to the rest of the world.


Teamwork, honesty, respect and integrity form the 4 pillars of the Nutribyte workforce. Nutribyte's aim and focus is to fill a gap in the market by supplying world class diets to all South Africans and international markets. By using South-African resources as far possible, we also help support South-African businesses.

Added Values

• Proudly-South-African based, family-owned, animal-health and pet-nutrition business
• World class manufacturing facilities
• State of the art equipment to ensure high quality products throughout production
• Highest quality ingredients
• Meet and exceed the high demand of quality, locally produced pet nutrition products not
 only for the South African market but also internationally